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Why should you work at Waycross?

Each summer, Waycross employs several young adults (ages 18 and older) as camp staff. We are now beginning the process of hiring staff for 2010.

Waycross Camp is a unique environment that provides personal growth, excitement and fun. Imagine a job where you can make a difference in the lives of children by helping them learn and grow through the camp experience. Our staff get to do that and also have the opportunity to work on a tan, be outdoors, explore nature, wear shorts to work, and watch a sunset while getting paid.

We will be looking for the right young adults with strong Christian faith, who love kids, enjoy hiking, swimming, canoeing, team building, telling stories, playing games, overnight camping, cooking outdoors, singing or playing an instrument, to help us in our ministry.

As compensation for your work, staff receive room and board plus get paid a weekly salary starting at $250. We ask you to help a cabin of children grow, develop, and have fun, in short, take part in the camp experience.

A summer at Waycross helps you increase your people skills, communication and management skills, not to mention developing experiences in education, team building, environmental education, and creative thinking. These are just a few of the skills that you, as a summer camp staff at Waycross, can develop over the course of the season. A summer in the camping field will be a great boost to your resume.

Interested? Then please download and fill out the application and references forms. The Summer 2010 forms are now available.

Need more information or have questions, then please contact us at summercamp@waycrosscenter.org or by phone at 800-786-2267.


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