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Check out the Waycross 2013 slideshow! We hope to see you in the 2014 slideshow!


 Check out our 2014 Camp Schedule! Online registration for 2014 is now open!  Click here to register!

Download the parent handbook here (includes all forms for campers that must be completed prio to arriving at Waycross)


Waycross Camp is a summer program of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, continuing a camping tradition that has been a valued offering for the youth of the diocese since 1957. Many of our campers come back year after year sharing their experience, skills, and fellowship in a leadership role. Please check our Registration Information to register and get more information.

There are a lot of things that make a week (or more) of summer camp at Waycross important and meaningful.  You will build life-long friendships as you share stories around a campfire at Niednagel Friendship Circle.  Counselors welcome everyone with skits, open participation games and songs. 

 At Waycross you will build confidence as you are encouraged to conquer the climbing wall and our zip line, learn how to build a fire, or help lead a camp skit at lunch program! Campers leave camp knowing that their experiences were challenges met and accomplishments gained.

You will have a chance to become one with nature as you explore the woods, canoe on the lake, hike through the creek, camp under the stars and play in the mud pit until there is not a clean shirt in sight!(C) Rick Wood

Each summer, Waycross camp has a Christian education theme that lay and ordained Chaplains lead worship and formation around each day. During camp there are many chances to engage in the Christian tradition of helping others, whether you can see them or not! Campers help rebuild the homes of the Golliwops in the Enchanted Forest.

At Waycross you will spend time discovering God's creations.  Scattered through the creek bed, geodes sparkle in the sun.  Young hands hold one of nature's most beautiful creations...millions of years old.  Geodes have been a Waycross creek hike treasure for generations.  Following the winding stream campers marvel at God's countless creations.

At Waycross we have a quality, professional, and caring staff.  Staff members are chosen based on maturity, responsibility, and their experience working with children and teens.  Prior to camp, staff members undergo a week long training session to develop teamwork skills as well as safety and supervision skills.  All staff members are certified in first aid, CPR, AED responses and water safety by the American Red Cross and American Heart Association.  Certified lifeguards and boating instructors are used for aquatic activities.   Staff leaders are professionally trained to facilitate the use of the climbing wall and zip line by Experiential Systems Inc., a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

Health and Safety are important at Waycross.  The American Camp Association (ACA) is a professional association that advocates for children and the camp profession.  As an ACA accredited camp, all Waycross health and safety procedures follow the national standards set by the ACA.  A full-time nurse or physician is present 24 hours a day each week to serve in the Health Center.  In case of emergency, the local fire department provides excellent services.  Waycross is located just 35 minutes away from two major hospitals.

Waycross can provide financial assistance to those in need.  No child will be prevented from attending Waycross for financial reasons.  The Waycross Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Waycross Annual Appeal provide scholarships for families in need.

(C) Bethany TestaAvilaTo help you prepare for camp click here to download the Camper Pack List that will explain what to bring to camp and what not to.  Included are directions to camp, arrival and departure times, contact information and a packing list.  In the mean time you can look over the What to Expect at Camp page for a brief overview.


Still have some questions? 

Visit our Camp FAQs page to get answers to some commonly asked questions!

We hope you will join us at camp this summer!

Arrival: 3pm to 5pm on Sunday



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